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Where do you ship to?
Anywhere around the world where you would like to drink your coffee.

What are the shipping costs?
Switzerland and Liechtenstein
• CH small: CHF8.50, up to 1.625kg
• CH medium: CHF11.50, up to 8.25kg
• CH small priority: CHF10.50, up to 1.625kg
• CH medium priority: CHF13.50, up to 8.25kg

We use FedEx to supply our international customers. During check out pick your preferred shipping method and we take care of the rest.

roast days

When is your coffee roasted?
We currently roast bi-weekly on Fridays. New orders will be sent out after the next roast day or earlier depending on stock.

Upcoming roast days:
24th May
7th June
21st June
5th July
19th July


Do you sell ground coffee?
No, we don't. We believe in freshly ground coffee, direct before brewing for a sky high experience!

What does filter roast mean?
A roast profile dedicated to brewing methods such as pour over, French Press, Aeropress and Moccamaster.

What does espresso roast mean?
A roast profile dedicated to espresso brewing, both on a portafilter machine or bean-to-cup-machine.


Why organic?
This is our believe since day one. Nurturing the soil, avoiding chemical fertilizers, to sustain a healthy environment and biodiversity in coffee growing regions. To ensure we can also drink that tasty cup of coffee in the future!

Is all your coffee organic?
Yes, we source only organic coffee and we are organic certified (CH-BIO-038 Non-EU Agriculture).

What about this green B-logo on the coffee bag label?
In some cases coffee is grown and produced organic but not officially certified. To still support these farms and producers doing great work we communicate this using our own organic symbol as shown on the left.


Is your packaging recyclable?
Yes, the coffee bag and its label are made of 100% PE (Polyethylene). Therefore you can dispose the entire bag in the domestic plastic recycling stream.
The box, tape, address label and envelope can be disposed in the recycling stream for cardboard.

Do you have a shop I can visit?
Not yet, it is one of our dreams we want to make come true.