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  • Uganda Bukyabo

Uganda Bukyabo

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Bukyabo is a small county on the west side of Mount Elgon, the non-active volcano that shares borders with Uganda...

Bukyabo is a small county on the west side of Mount Elgon, the non-active volcano that shares borders with Uganda and Kenya. The nutrient, volcanic soil and the high altitude where the coffee trees are growing are a great starting point to develop the delicate flavours in this cup. Coffee cherries which are growing on high elevation, ripen slower due to a smaller resource of oxygen in the air. These cherries grow between 2000-2300 meter above sea level where slow ripening results in more complex flavours. "Wanna glow? Grow it slow!"

Nasaaga Specialty Coffee Foundation, under the wings of Charles Wetaka, empowers the producers of Bukyabo to grow great coffee. The foundation is all about social responsibility and investing in rural coffee producing communities. Nasaaga supports with training on organic agricultural farming, and also with loan schemes and saving plans, protecting water sources and providing school material for the children in the area.

Enough reason to bring this gem to our assortment and share the beautiful flavours of Ugandan coffee with you!


Citrus- and stone fruits dominating this coffee with a milk chocolate finish.

Producer: Joseph Nakisisa
Association: Nasaaga Specialty Coffee Foundation
Origin: Uganda
Region: Sironko, Bugisu
Process: Washed
Variety: Nyasaland, SL14

Pour over
Ground coffee: 18 gram
Water: 300 gram
Time: 2:30 minutes

1. pre-wet your paper filter, add the ground coffee
2. start the timer and pour 50 grams of water on the coffee, stir the slurry so all grounds are evenly wet
3. after 30 seconds pour another 150 grams of water
4. at 1:15 minutes add the additional 100 grams of water
5. stir gently to create an even extraction and flat coffee bed as a result

We currently roast bi-weekly on Fridays. New orders will be sent out after the next roast day or earlier depending on stock.

Upcoming roast days:
22nd September
6th October
20th October
3rd November
17th November

Bergamot • Peach • Milk chocolate •

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